The Airport as an Employer

Illustration: Vorfeldbus am Flughafen Dresden

The Central German Airports Group is a state-run company and is developing the airports in central Germany in a forward-looking manner to meet needs. The Group consists of the following subsidiaries: Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH, Flughafen Dresden GmbH, PortGround GmbH and EasternAirCargo GmbH. The Group’s total turnover in 2006 was € 92.4 million. It handled 79,760 aircraft movements, 4.19 million passengers and 39,954 tonnes of freight. The Group directly employs approx. 900 members of staff and trainees. About 4,800 people work at the Central German Airports Group business sites at a wide variety of companies and public bodies.

A company with a wide variety of fields of business activities


The range of jobs is huge. Members of staff working in the following fields:

  • operations, e.g. aircraft dispatch staff, traffic managers or members of the fire brigade
  • technology, e.g. engineers, vehicle mechanics or IT specialists and
  • administration, e.g. office clerks, lawyers or statisticians

ensure that operating procedures at the airports are safe, run smoothly and are efficient.