Which companies are based at Leipzig/Halle and Dresden Airports and how can I apply for jobs there?

Airports are one of the key factors in attracting international businesses to any region. Outstanding examples of them are Porsche, BMW, DHL, BASF, Bayer, Karstadt-Quelle, Infineon, AMD and Siemens-Motorola. Please note that these companies are responsible for their own personnel decisions. So please direct any enquiries and your applications directly to the responsible departments at these companies. Unfortunately our staff are unable to provide you with any more detailed information about these firms.


What training opportunities and jobs does the Central German Airports Group offer?

The Central German Airports Group of companies is one of the most important employers in the region. You can find information on trainee jobs and vacant posts under the “Jobs and careers portal” menu item and at our jobs portal.

On account of the fact that we repeatedly receive requests for information, we would like to point out that we do not offer training positions or work in the following fields. If you are interested, please obtain information from the institutions listed here.

Air traffic controller
Air traffic controllers remain in constant contact with pilots in aircraft from all over the world from their high-tech workplace in the tower or centre. It is their task to direct planes quickly and safely – in the air and on the ground – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The safety of all those in the air is the number one priority in any decision that an air traffic controller makes.

  • DFS – Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
    Am DFS-Campus 10
    63225 Langen
    Information on the phone: 06103 / 707-5149 to -5152
    E-mail: bewerbungen@dfs.de

The cockpits of modern commercial aircraft are more like computer centres in the air. So pilots are much more than just airline pilots. They are IT specialists with an extensive knowledge of various systems and decision-makers at the interface between humans and machines. Requirements have tended to become even higher in the light of the complicated technology. The ordinary working day of a pilot does include some routine tasks, but still offers plenty of variety.

Flight attendant
Flight attendants ensure that passenger feel at ease and safe. They welcome passengers on board, serve food and drinks and provide them with information about the facilities on board. They sell duty-free goods or those with reduced duty rates on international flights. They coordinate the necessary safety procedures in emergencies and look after the passengers. Flight attendants are employed by airline companies.

Air traffic assistant
Air traffic assistants plan, organise and monitor the transportation of passengers and freight. They work for airline companies, air freight shipping companies or airport authorities. They work at ticket desks, in sales – e.g. selling cargo space – in the purchasing department – e.g. for spare parts or on-board services – in marketing or personnel or in aircraft dispatch services. Airport authorities, scheduled and charter airlines all employ air traffic assistants. Other employers include air freight shipping companies and travel agents.

Security staff
Security experts are specialists in protecting buildings, property and people. In plant security jobs, they are responsible for security at the company premises For example, they carry out checks and inspections and handle access checks at gates or look-out points and provide traffic services at the company site. They are able to handle safety-related equipment and machinery.

Aircraft mechanic
Aircraft mechanics make engines and other aircraft components and maintain and service planes. They are usually employed by aircraft manufacturers, airline companies or the Bundeswehr (German armed forces).


Does the Central German Airports Group make use of personnel and qualification services?

The Central German Airports Group works closely with service companies when it comes to acquiring personnel and using qualification schemes. This currently takes place in conjunction with long-standing customers. But the Group is constantly receiving enquiries from personnel and service companies, which offer their services. In this regard, please get in touch with the following contact address.

We will enter your details in a pool and get in touch with you, if necessary.

Which job is the right one for me and how do I apply properly?

We often receive enquiries asking us to provide information about which job to select or how to apply for jobs. Please get in touch with the German Labour Agency for questions related to choosing a career or visit one of the Job Information Centres (BIY) in your vicinity.

You will also find information and hints on making applications at the German Labour Agency’s website or in various information brochures and books at any good bookshop.