Final Dissertation

Are you just about to complete your university studies and would like to apply your theoretical knowledge to a challenging practical project as part of your practical final dissertation (degree certificate, bachelor’s/master’s course)? You will find specific subjects for final dissertations from the various business divisions at the Central German Airports Group at our jobs portal. If you do not discover what you want here, we will be happy to receive your own suggestion for a dissertation. But there should be some link to airport operations. The maximum period allowed for dealing with your subject is 6 months.


It is possible that an allowance for expenses may be made.

Application Process

Please first find out about final dissertation subjects that are available at our jobs portal. If you are interested in a subject, please send your complete documentation to the contact address listed in the advertisement in good time, taking into account the deadline for applications. Please use the contact addresses listed below to send in your own subject suggestion.

We require the following application documents:

  • a comprehensive letter, which tells us about you and clearly states why you are suitable for the post that is being advertised,
  • a CV with details of your involvement in organisations outside school, your interests and the main focus of your university course,
  • copies of your final school leaving certificate, intermediate examination results or any other university course certificates, if available
  • a certificate of university enrolment,
  • other evidence of placements or courses that you have attended,
  • a brief, but convincing explanation of the subject matter if you are presenting you own final dissertation subject.


If you have any other questions about the final dissertation or the application process, please get in touch with the following persons at any time:



Central German Airports Group

Leipzig Personnel Office
Yvonne Krebs
P.O.B. 1
04029 Leipzig

Phone: +49-341-2241410
E-mail: Yvonne Krebs


Central German Airports Group

Dresden Personnel Office
Sabine Haus
P.O.B. 800164
01101 Dresden

Phone: +49-351-8813800
E-mail: Sabine Haus