Student Job (with low rates of pay)

The companies in the Central German Airports Group offer students the opportunity to earn some money in certain departments alongside their studies and also obtain some insight into how our companies operate. We are looking for flexible members of staff, who can support us at peak periods with plenty of energy. You can obtain information about vacant jobs from our jobs portal. You can obtain details on working hours and remuneration in the advertisement or from the contact address listed below.



If you have any other questions about student jobs, please get in touch with the following persons at any time:


Central German Airports Group

Leipzig Personnel Office
Yvonne Krebs
P.O.B. 1
04029 Leipzig

Phone: +49-341-2241410
E-mail: Yvonne Krebs


Central German Airports Group

Dresden Personnel Office
Sabine Haus
P.O.B. 800164
01101 Dresden

Phone: +49-351-8813800
E-mail: Sabine Haus