The Initial Contact Point

You have the opportunity of getting to know your airport employer first-hand. How about joining a tour of the airport or visiting the site on an open day? We would be delighted to welcome you and introduce ourselves as your potential employer.
My first day with the airport fire brigade
My first day with the airport fire brigade

Tours of the airport


We can offer you a wide range of tours, which will inform you about the airport’s history, current situation and future prospects. Make sure you get a glimpse behind the scenes and see how people work at the airport.

Information and bookings:

Illustration: Führung am Flughafen Dresden

Airport tour


Visitor service at Leipzig/Halle Airport

On the spot: the visitor service desk in the check-in hall

Phone: +49-341-2241414
Please use the answering machine. We will be happy to ring you back.
Fax: +49-341-2241177
E-mail: Besucherdienst


Visitor service at Dresden Airport

On the spot: airport information desk in the arrivals area in the terminal

Phone: +49-351-8813010 / +49-351-8813300
Fax: +49-351-8813305
E-mail: Jana Franke  

Please note that you have to register in advance for all guided tours.

Open days…


Leipzig/Halle and Dresden Airports both open their doors to the general public every year. Use these opportunities to get to know your future airport employer at close quarters.

Please look out for announcements at the websites for the airports listed above and in the local media.

Illustration: Nachbarschaftstag am Flughafen Dresden

Open Day

Cooperation with educational institutions…

The Central German Airports Group and its companies are in close contact with educational institutions all over Germany. Students regularly come to the airports to complete placements or work on bachelor’s or master’s degrees. You can obtain information on these opportunities on the notice board at your educational institution or just visit our jobs portal.