Airports drive economy

A magnet for industrial settlements

Airports are one of the key factors for investment decisions in new locations by international companies. By developing their competitive airports at Leipzig/Halle and Dresden, Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding provides a precondition for the continuing establishment of new businesses in accordance with the industrial development policy of the States of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. New production facilities established around the airports by Porsche, BMW, DHL, BASF, Bayer, Karstadt-Quelle, Infineon, AMD and Siemens-Motorola serve as major examples for the success of this policy.

Airports are economic engines

Good air links to European and world-wide markets have great importance for companies from growing sectors of industry, such as logistics, high and biotechnology as well as service providers. Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding is a regional economic growth engine. The growing attractiveness of central Germany does not only interest business people, but also catches the attention of tourists. By promoting air traffic, businesses are connected with their existing and prospective markets and people are brought together.

The group is a major regional employer and helps to stimulate the business environment. The affiliated companies are direct economic factors which perform significant entrepreneurial activities. Direct investments create jobs and income.

Airports are job generators

The affiliated companies of the group employ about 850 people. Altogether, about 4,800 people work for various firms and offices at the locations of Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding. Statistical analyses show that jobs at the airports cause further jobs to be created in the region. This multiplier effect can be expressed in figures: for an airport in central Germany, for example, this factor is 1:1.6. This means that each workplace at the airport causes another 1.6 jobs to be created in the region around the airport.