Intermodal transport

The exemplary linking of air, rail and road connections makes the central German airports ideal hubs for passenger and cargo traffic.

Motorway network

Both airports have their own motorway exits, which lead drivers directly to the airport. Leipzig/Halle Airport is situated near the intersection of motorways A9 (Nuremberg-Berlin) and A14 (Dresden-Magdeburg). The dense motorway network around Leipzig/Halle Airport also includes the A38 (Leipzig city southern by-pass; under construction) and the A72 (Leipzig-Chemnitz-Hof). Dresden Airport can be reached via the A14 (Dresden-Magdeburg) and A13 (Dresden-Berlin). Moreover, once the A17 is completed in the near future, a quick route from Dresden to Prague will further improve the attractiveness of Dresden Airport.
Leipzig Halle Airport
Motorway crossing at Leipzig/Halle Airport

Rail connections

  • Passenger traffic
    The main line station integrated into the central terminal of Leipzig/Halle Airport provides access to the high-speed rail network, but also to local trains. At Dresden Airport, urban railway (S-Bahn) trains call at the lower level of the terminal building. These trains connect the region around Dresden via the city centre.
  • Freight transport
    South of the Leipzig/Halle Airport site there is a branch rail line, which is planned to be upgraded by building a cargo terminal to link the high-speed rail network and cargo facilities at the airport.
Leipzig Halle Airport
Main line station at Leipzig/Halle Airport