20 September 2007

Leipzig/Halle to be Home to the New Air Freight Company Operated by DHL/Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo invests in a new logistics centre at the airport

Leipzig/Frankfurt, 20 September 2007 – Leipzig/Halle airport will be home to the first cargo airline in central Germany. Leipzig/Halle will be able to further boost its reputation as the most important logistics centre in the region because DHL and Lufthansa Cargo are basing their new cargo airline with global operations here.

Managers at the Central German Airports Group and Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH say that the new cargo airline has been successfully persuaded to set up base here and the new logistics centre has been built as a result of sustained investments in the infrastructure and groundbreaking decisions by its owners.

Hundreds of direct jobs will be created as a result of these developments. The Central German Airports Group will actively support these projects with the expertise of Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH and PortGround GmbH at its disposal.

»We are proud that Leipzig/Halle will soon be the headquarters of what will immediately be one of the world’s largest and most modern cargo airlines,” says Markus Kopp, CEO at the Central German Airports Group. “The cargo version of the Boeing 777 will also transport the name of Leipzig/Halle to major global business centres in future.«

»The commitment shown by DHL and Lufthansa, both global players in their own sectors, will turn Leipzig/Halle airport and its region into an international hub for the logistical flow of goods around the globe. So the region will become part of the global division of labour. This is a signal which many companies in the industrial and retail sectors will follow,« says Kopp.

The joint venture by DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo will further boost the air freight and express goods business from and to Asia and North America, which are already handled from Leipzig/Halle. Flight operations are due to start with the summer schedule 2009. Both companies will not only operate air freight traffic, but also maintain their own warehouses and transship goods at Leipzig/Halle.

The Central German Airports Group is a publicly operated company and it is developing the airports in Central Germany in a forward-looking way to meet demand. The group includes the following subsidiaries: Flughafen Leipzig GmbH, Flughafen Dresden GmbH, PortGround GmbH and EasternAirCargo GmbH. The group achieved a total turnover of € 92.4 million in 2006, handled 79,760 flights and moved 4.19 million passengers and 39,954 t of freight. The group directly employs 903 members of staff and trainees. Some 4,500 people work at the Central German Airports Group sites in a wide variety of companies and public service authorities.