Health at the Workplace - Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG and IKK classic Cooperate

Company health management scheme introduced at the Central German airports – cooperation with “IKK classic” launched to boost corporate health standards

Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG is launching a programme to promote corporate health in conjunction with “IKK classic”. The basis of the cooperation arrangement will involve an analysis of the health situation in the group of companies. Then individual and corporate schemes will be drawn up for members of staff and introduced. A specially established joint monitoring unit consisting of management staff and representatives of employees will be responsible for coordinating the programme.


Markus Kopp, CEO at Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG, issued this statement: “More health and safety at the workplace will firstly benefit each employee. But health management for us as a company with approximately 1,000 employees also means establishing the future direction of the group. We want to support our employees in the best possible way to enable them to handle the challenges they face during their working life – and this includes their health. In addition to this, active and health-conscious colleagues are also an important factor in our competitiveness. I am certain that we will benefit from this cooperation scheme together.”


“Any company that pays attention to the health of its employees not only has a small number of staff who are absent because of sickness and therefore low replacement costs as a result of their absence,” says Gerd Ludwig, CEO at IKK classic. “The company also achieves a great deal in promoting the satisfaction and motivation of its employees. Both are essential to ensure high levels of productivity and therefore the success of any company.”


IKK classic is the largest guild health insurance scheme in Germany and is open to people living all over the country. It looks after more than 1.8 million insured persons and more than 260,000 employers, including Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding. IKK classic is not charging any additional premiums this year.  


Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding is the overall trade name used by Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG, a company operated by the public sector. The group has several subsidiary companies: Leipzig/Halle Airport, Dresden International, PortGround and EasternAirCargo. 


The group handled 94,948 aircraft movements, 4.14 million passengers and 524,587 tonnes of freight in 2009. The group directly employs 978 members of staff and 38 trainees. 7,396 people are employed at the Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG business sites in various companies and public authorities.