All types of cargo freight at Leipzig/Halle airport

E-Commerce & Airmail

The e-commerce business sector is growing rapidly. We support you by handling your freight in a very short time and catering fully to your individual needs.

Leipzig/Halle Airport offers first-class access to the German and European markets round the clock. Its central location and the short trucking times to important European business areas offer perfect conditions for ideally serving the constantly growing e-commerce business sector.


  • In-house customs services (for EU customs clearance)
  • X-ray/visual checks, explosive trace detection systems (ETD) and sniffer dogs (EDD)
  • Fulfilment services: scanning, packaging, sorting
  • Flexible storage: bonded and non-bonded warehouses
  • 24/7 customer service hotline
  • Handling all kinds of freight and aircraft
  • Extensive trans-European trucking network: deliveries to/from the airport and to/from individual sites in Germany and Europe
  • Specialist supply chain partner
  • Scheduled and charter traffic
  • Quality checks and quality assurance
  • Regulated Agent, AEO-F, IATA CASS Agent
  • Sales team in China
  • Chinese-speaking sales and service desk


Cool chain solutions

A refrigerated warehouse is available for your freight at the World Cargo Center at Leipzig/Halle Airport; it can accommodate the complete temperature-sensitive cargo from a B747F aircraft. The facility has direct access to the apron area and therefore guarantees short transport routes to and from aircraft and trucks.

The refrigerated centre enables the parallel storage of pharmaceutical items, perishable goods and temperature-sensitive products that may not be exposed to frost or heat during transportation and storage. It is possible to store measuring apparatus and intermediate products for the semiconductor industry without any problems at the World Cargo Center too.

Our refrigerated warehouse ensures ideal conditions for storing medical products. As an IATA CEIV PHARMA certified facility, it fully complies with international requirements as well as the European GDP (Good Distribution Practice) regulatory guidelines. The refrigeration equipment allows storage temperatures of between +2°C and +25°C. Access checks, video and temperature monitoring guarantee the highest levels of reliability in the warehouse system.

Folder: Cargo Cool Chain Solutions

Installations and equipment

  • 400 m² of refrigerated storage space for up to 24 ULD refrigerated units and 100 pallets
  • Three individual temperature-controlled areas (2°C - 25°C)
  • Short routes to/from trucks/aircraft
  • Secure and controlled access
  • Temperature monitoring and checks
  • Integrated messaging alarm system and video surveillance

Handling services

  • Handling by PortGround – a Regulated Agent and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO-F)
  • Special temperature-controlled transport services to/from trucks/aircraft
  • Parallel storage of perishable and/or pharmaceutical items
  • ULD insulation hoods available
  • GDP certified
  • CEIV certified

Live animal handling (AVI)

Leipzig/Halle Airport offers ideal conditions for transporting live animals. If you want to ship large animals, Leipzig/Halle Airport is your reliable partner.

Our experts are available to help you round the clock and ensure stress-free handling for your animals. A personal key account manager looks after you and the needs of your animals and ensures short transit times, maintains direct customer contact, coordinates the shipment and communicates with the partners required for it.


  • The latest equipment to handle large animals
  • Truck parking spaces directly in front of the cargo area
  • Short routes to apron areas
  • Experienced IATA-certified personnel for all aircraft types and all kinds of freight, including large animals (e.g. cattle or horses)
  • Vets on the spot
  • 24/7 customs clearance

Other benefits provided by our facilities:

Centre for animal exports

  • Many years of experience and extensive expertise in handling animal exports at our special animal export centre that measures 1,300 square metres.
  • You can use the spacious delivery area to exercise your animals, if necessary. Support personnel for the animals have access to rooms for resting.
  • Large animal pens – especially for horses – and several other pen facilities guarantee that the animals are treated properly. Veterinary personnel and customs officers are available at the airport round the clock.
  • There are only four airports authorised to export cattle in Germany. Leipzig/Halle is one of them.
  • Our experts are professionals in setting up cattle pens according to IATA’s Live Animal Regulations (AVI).
  • A quarantine facility forms part of the veterinary border inspection point.

Veterinary border

  • The airport has a veterinary border inspection point.
  • The inspection point is authorised to import animals from other countries and look after them during transit.

Veterinary border inspection point

Saxony’s only veterinary border inspection point is authorised to import animals and agricultural products in compliance with European Union regulations.
Our inspectors ensure that all products comply with EU food law requirements.


Dangerous goods

Thanks to having the highest safety standards, staff trained in accordance with IATA-DGR and efficient air cargo handling processes, Leipzig/Halle Airport is an experienced, highly professional partner for the safe and proper handling of all classes of hazardous goods.

Handling dangerous goods

  • Professionally packaging, marking, documenting and transhipping all classes of hazardous goods and substances
  • For air/road/sea means of transport
  • External or in-house handling of dangerous goods
  • Repackaging damaged hazardous goods shipments
  • Drawing up logistics solutions for dangerous goods
  • Making available a 24h emergency phone number
  • Adaptation work/performing checks when changing the means of transport
  • Professional services that comply with national and international standards such as ICAO – TI/IATA, DGR, ADR and IMDG

Consulting and training

  • Individual, solution-oriented advice and training for dangerous goods travelling by air/road
  • Creating special packaging materials
  • Training according to the ICAO standards, either in-house or at your premises

Service plus

  • Close cooperation with public authorities and freight forwarders to coordinate customs clearance and transport operations
  • Organising pick-up and delivery runs within Germany and Europe