Indoor Ad‌ver‌ti‌sing

The indoor advertising spaces at Leipzig/Halle Airport are spread over five different areas in the terminals. You can set up analogue or digital visual displays in the mall, at the check-in area inside the central terminal, in the areas of Terminal B that are open to the general public, in the security area for arrivals and in the security area for departures.


The mall connects the check-in area inside the central terminal with the departures areas in Terminal B. Almost all passengers use the elongated passageway in order to walk from the check-in section to the departures area. The following advertising opportunities are available here:  

  • Airport TV with eight monitors in various different areas
  • A door show with seven different sites within the terminal
  • Ceiling banners: huge advertising boards that hang from the ceiling
  • Glass spaces on the walkways
  • Six illuminated advertising domes along the mall
  • A door show on the multi-storey car park lifts
  • Lift shafts along the corridor to the multi-storey car park
  • Sales promotions: advertising installations and interactive advertising formats
  • Advertising on the reverse side of boarding cards

The central terminal is home to the check-in area and is directly connected to the long-distance railway station. The central terminal is therefore the point of departure for all journeys that passengers start at Leipzig/Halle Airport. The following advertising opportunities are available here:

  • Meeting points: illuminated advertising columns
  • A special advertising area on the glass façade (southern side)
  • Sales promotion spaces

The security check area as well as the public arrivals and security area at Leipzig/Halle Airport are all located in Terminal B. All passengers pass through the large hall here with its waiting area, shops and conference centre. Terminal B is therefore an advertising site that attracts a large number of people and is ideal for sales promotions. The following advertising opportunities are available here:

  • A multi-screen wall: a screen measuring 22 square metres with three-fold HD resolution
  • Revolving doors: large advertising spaces directly next to the entrances and exits to and from the terminal building
  • Hanging banners
  • Large advertising boards on the walls of the terminal building
  • Brochure displays: stand-up displays with space for posters and compartments for brochures with different formats
  • A special advertising area on the glass partition in front of the security check area
  • A security screen wall in front of the arrivals area (both sides)
  • A door show
  • Sales promotion spaces and vehicle presentations
  • Various digital monitors
  • Staircases

The arrivals security area is located in Terminal B and offers companies ideal conditions for reaching a large number of passengers. The arrivals area is the first point of contact for incoming passengers. They spend an above-average amount of time in the building, as they have to wait here to retrieve their luggage. The following advertising opportunities are available here:

  • Two premium advertising spaces in front of the arrivals area (on the upper floor in the pier, the ground floor entrance from the apron area)
  • A sliding door for people arriving from the apron area
  • Two Coloramas opposite the baggage carousels
  • Five Coloramas above the baggage carousels
  • Advertising items rotating on the baggage carousels
  • Advertising columns between the baggage carousels
  • A special advertising area on the baggage carousel panels

The departures security area is also located in Terminal B and particularly offers companies with nationwide operations the opportunity of reaching passengers who are heading for domestic or international destinations. The following advertising opportunities are available here:

  • Advertising banners: illuminated advertising spaces measuring 20 square metres directly behind the security check area
  • Hanging advertising panels: large advertising boards hanging from the ceiling
  • Advertising spaces: large advertising areas at different locations inside the terminal
  • Table tops: advertising spaces on the tables between the chairs in the waiting area
  • Jetways: large-scale advertising formats inside and outside
  • Two glass railings in the waiting area (upper floor)
  • Large glass partitions on both sides (ground floor)
  • Large advertising panels on the windows in the pier
  • Brochure displays

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