Aviation and Hand‌ling

The Central German airports are attractive air transport sites. Dresden and Leipzig/Halle Airports offer airlines and companies working in the air traffic sector ideal general conditions for growth and success.

The Central German airports have developed into real alternatives to other German airports during the last few years. The metropolitan region in Central Germany has become much more interesting for many companies – and Dresden and Leipzig/Halle Airports have therefore become all the more important as gateways to the world.

You will find all the information on air traffic, infrastructure, handling and maintaining aircraft here – as well as information on handling passengers and freight.

Aviation and Hand‌ling Infra­structure

Airlines, private planes and companies have first-class infrastructure available at the Central German airports. Discover more about the benefits and operating data at the two airports.


Aviation and Hand‌ling Ground Ser‌vi‌ces

Airlines operating at the Central German airports have a strong partner for handling many ground services: PortGround.


Aviation and Hand‌ling Aircraft Main‌te‌na‌n‌ce/​Re‌pair Work

You will find technical service providers for many types of aircraft at the Central German airports: ranging from minor maintenance work to extensive modifications.


Aviation and Hand‌ling Ge‌ne‌ral A‌vi‌a‌ti‌on

Separate General Aviation Terminals (GAT) are available for general aviation at Dresden and Leipzig/Halle Airports and they offer extensive services.