General A‌via‌ti‌on at Leip‌zig/‌Hal‌le Air‌port

The GAT at Leipzig/Halle Airport is located in the central area of the airport. As a result, you only have to walk a few steps from the car park to your plane. Leipzig/Halle Airport checks in private and business travellers quickly and separately from scheduled and charter services. There are separate lounges and check-in facilities for the passengers and crew.


The GAT also provides a number of other functions and services:

  • Suitable comfort
  • Flexible check-in times
  • High security standards at an international commercial airport
  • Transporting passengers, crew and luggage between the aircraft and the GAT
  • Ordering fuel, in-flight catering, de-icing facilities and ground power units
  • Flight advice, flying weather advice (AIS/MET)
  • Information in advance from public authorities (border police and customs service) for international flights
  • Assistance for disabled passengers
  • Conference and VIP rooms
  • VIP support
  • Taxi and car rental services
  • You can find the GAT at Leipzig/Halle Airport here.


Fee Structure at Leipzig/Halle Airport

All the take-off and landing fees, passenger fees, stand and parking fees are listed in the Fee Structure for Dresden and Leipzig/Halle Airports. You will also find information there about special rules and the infrastructure available at the Central German airports.