Ground Ser‌vi‌ces at Leip‌zig/‌Hal‌le Air‌port

PortGround and its subsidiary FSG Airport Services provide many ground services at Leipzig/Halle Airport. There are also several other service providers for handling aircraft and passengers. You will find the most important services and contact partners below. You can obtain detailed information on freight handling at Air freight and logistics.

All the take-off and landing fees, passenger fees, stand and parking fees are listed in the Fee Structure for Dresden and Leipzig/Halle Airports. You will also find information there about special rules and the infrastructure available at the Central German airports.



  • Ramp supervision and coordination
  • Load control
  • Making available flight documents
  • Push-back/walk-out assistance
  • Organising crew transportation
  • Aircraft de-icing
  • Aircraft handling
  • Freight handling

Flughafenservice Gesellschaft GmbH

  • Passenger check-in, for groups and VIPs too
  • Using the latest check-in systems like TIMATIC and Worldtracer
  • Document checks
  • Additional flight-related services as well as charging for excess luggage
  • Boarding passengers at the gate and closing the flight
  • Looking after unaccompanied minors (UMs)
  • Looking after passengers if unexpected problems occur with flights
  • Baggage tracing
  • Handling diversions

ASL Airport Services Leipzig

  • Check-in
  • Load planning
  • Ramp supervision
  • Crew briefing
  • Baggage tracing

Gate Gourmet GmbH

  • Airline-Catering

Turbo Fuel Services Sachsen (TFSS)

  • Fuelling all types of aircraft
  • Types of fuel: JET A-1 and AVGAS 100 LL

FLD Flughafendienste Deutschland GmbH

LEJ: 24/7 Operation

Exterior/Technical Aircraft Cleaning

  • Aircraft Exterior Surface Cleaning (Dry/Wet Wash)
  • incl. Landing Gears/Wheel Wells/Flaps/Slats
  • Polishing/Corrosion Protection

Interior Aircraft Cleaning & Dressing (Tranist/Nightstop/Deep Cleaning)

  • Flight Deck
  • Passenger/Crew Compartments
  • Galleys/Toilets
  • Cargo Compartments (Main Deck/Holds)

Aircraft Disinfection

  • Aircraft Coronavirus Disinfectant Services
  • Aircraft Disinfection Services/Pest Control

Support Services

  • Airside Warehouse/Storage (LBA certified)
  • Equipment/Vehicle Cleaning
  • Dry Ice Cleaning
  • Hangar Support Services
  • Shuttle & Logistics Services
  • Office, Warehouse & Hangar Cleaning
FLD Flughafendienste Deutschland GmbH
Am Kraftwerk 1
04435 Flughafen Leipzig/Halle
Phone: Phone: +49 (0) 341 224 1690
Fax: Mobile: +49 (0) 163 333 7841
Mail: Mail: duty.manager(at)fld-services(dot)de