The Fire Training Centre

The extremely modern Fire Training Centre was opened in the northern part of Leipzig/Halle Airport in 2010. The centre has a gas-fired Boeing 747 simulator to train fire-fighters’ skills in combatting fires on board aircraft. The centre also provides a whole range of theoretical and practical training courses, which can either be booked as a package or as individual items.

We invite you to obtain more information about the extensive range of training courses and would be delighted to welcome you to the Fire Training Centre at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

General Terms and Conditions at the Fire Service Training Centre [PDF; 61 KB] (German only)

Cancellation policy [PDF; 15 KB] (German only)

Contact details:
Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH
Fire Training contact person:
Julia Mieder
Phone: +49 (0) 341 224-3409

Fi‌re Trai‌ning Breathing Pro‌tec‌ti‌on Trai‌ning

Rescue workers can train for a real emergency at a modern training facility.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning Consulting and Ad‌vi‌so‌ry Ser‌vi‌ces

The consulting and advisory services include, for example, planning for an airport emergency, disaster management and aircraft recovery operations.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning Trai‌ning for e‌mer‌gen‌cy res‌ponse of‌fi‌cers

Leipzig/Halle Fire Training Centre provides initial and further training for emergency response officers in cooperation with the Emergency Rescue Training Centre in Dresden.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning Trai‌ning for fi‌re pro‌tec‌ti‌on a‌ssis‌tants

The training for fire protection assistants involves the basic training and the theoretical and practical training for using hand-held fire extinguishers.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning Further Trai‌ning for fi‌re pro‌tec‌ti‌on a‌ssis‌tants

The module refreshes the fire protection assistant course and is held according to the specifications set by the employers’ liability insurance association.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning Corporate First Aid Trai‌ning

The Fire Training Centre at Leipzig/Halle Airport is a certified training institution for first aid and life-saving emergency measures.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning Figh‌ting air‌craft fi‌res

A gas-fired, 35-metre-long mock-up provides the opportunity to simulate various types of fires next to and inside aircraft.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning Heat Trai‌ning

The fire containers provide the opportunity to practise how to act safely in realistic circumstances that are similar to actual operations.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning Trai‌ning for pa‌ra‌me‌dics

Experienced paramedic instructors, supported by emergency response doctors, guide candidates through the training course.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning Technical as‌sis‌tance

Technical assistance on cars, trucks, buses or even technical equipment can be simulated and trained to provide ideal preparation for accidents.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning Directions

Here are the details for travelling to the Fire Training Centre at Leipzig/Halle Airport.


Fi‌re Trai‌ning FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Fire Training at Leipzig/Halle Airport