Training course for fi‌re pro‌tec‌ti‌on a‌ssis‌tants

(According to BGI/DUV-I 5182)

A fire represents a significant risk for any company and its employees. Providing employees with regular instructions and training fire protection assistants are essential for the company/business operations.

The goal of the training course for fire protection assistants is to learn how to correctly handle fire extinguishing equipment to fight fires in the early stages and support the employees to evacuate from the danger area themselves.

The number of fire protection assistants required depends on the risk assessment. However, a proportion of about five percent of the number of employees is normally adequate according to ASR A2.2 (with a normal fire risk).

The training course for fire protection assistants involves the basic training and the theoretical and practical training in handling hand-held fire extinguishers.

The mobile fire trainer makes it possible for us to provide the training course at your premises locally too.

Module 1: basic training

  • Legal principles
  • Organising fire protection within the company
  • Tasks of a fire protection assistant
  • Risks caused by fires
  • How to behave if a fire breaks out

Module 2: Hand-held fire extinguisher training

  • Fire classes
  • Extinguishing fires
  • Extinguishing agents
  • Practical fire-fighting practice

Duration: 6 hours

You can find the dates here