Innovation Campus at Leipzig/Halle Airport

We intend to use the Innovation Campus to create ideal conditions for the world of tomorrow at Leipzig/Halle Airport and for the Central German metropolitan region.

Snap up your space now and become part of the Innovation Campus – in a unique and inspiring location right next to the airport.

Main types of usage:

  • Offices, administration with links to the logistics hub and the transport hub
  • Sectors that use the airport‘s infrastructure with associated needs for laboratories, event rooms etc.
  • Company presentations for issues related to the airport
  • Supporting trades such as a hotel and catering, services, fitness & leisure
  • Public-related usage: green spaces, common areas, event sites
Quelle: AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH

We want to promote research and development organisations, for example:

  • Mobility, the aerospace sector
  • Climate and environment protection, the energy revolution
  • Digitalisation, digital logistics, new technologies
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Education facilities, training and exhibition centres

The Innovation Campus at Leipzig/Halle Airport: key urban development figures, planned usage and key numbers with regard to reaching the airport

Total area

10 hectares

Planning law

Building and planning rights can be immediately implemented through the planning permission decision (“Reorganising the Central Area” in the version of the 7th amendment dated 3 April 2019);
the northern building site still does not have any planning rights

Outline concept for urban development

Division of plots of land in a flexible grid pattern, buildings geared towards structuring an enclosed or partly open block

Maximum building height

25 - 27 metres

Floor space index

2 (moderate density) – 3.2 (maximum density)

Gross floor space index according to planning permission

110,000 square metres (moderate density) – 175,000 square metres (maximum density)

Workplace capacity

2,750 - 4,400

Existing structure


Allocation of plots

Hereditary leasehold


Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH

Research and development, science-based/research-related companies

  • Mobility, the aerospace sector

  • Climate and environment protection, the energy revolution

  • Digitalisation, digital logistics, new technologies

  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals that use the infrastructure at the airport


    Social facilities

    • Education/training
    • Meeting, event and exhibition areas

    Special usage requirements

    • Test space in the open air possible
    • Fire brigade present at the site
    • Possible to establish pre-cleared zones (security zones) for customs checks and usage with special security requirements


    • Local rail services every 30 minutes
    • Connections to bus services (local and long-distance)
    • A 9/A14 motorways
    • Direct flights to several European destinations and hubs
    • Possible to establish a mobility hub
    Parking areas

    Using existing capacity in current car parks; if necessary, a new local car park


    A great deal of space and flexible design opportunities make the Innovation Campus attractive for organisations and companies from various sectors.

    • Overall, 10 hectares will be available right at the heart of the airport. 

    • The existing central building at the airport will form an important anchor point for developments. The glass mall will connect the Innovation Campus with the arrivals and departures terminal at the airport and the central multi-storey car park

    • The allocation of the plots of land will take place on the basis of a grid. This will enable the plots to be allocated in line with the wishes of the later users.

    • A central open-air space (plaza) will be available as a common area for all the users. 

    • The entire campus will be accessible for the disabled and pedestrianised.

    • The building parts will be connected by green spaces. The highest buildings are due to be created along the outer edges of the site. This will protect the inner green zone from noise.

    • By fully using the permissible building density, 165,000 square metres of gross floor space will be available at the Innovation Campus. There is potential for a further 18,200 square metres at an expansion area to the north.

    The existing multimodal transport connections ensure that it is easy to reach the site. A mobility hub could open up further potential.

    The Innovation Campus provides outstanding conditions for:

    Traffic as it is today

    1. Connection to the local railway network: Halle, Leipzig and the surrounding area can all reached using regular railway services every 30 minutes

    2. Ideal connections for cars via the Terminalring and Flughafenallee roads

    3. The ring road makes it possible to directly reach all the plots of land

    4. The existing capacity at the car parks can be used; if necessary, a local multi-storey car park can be built

    5. Cul-de-sacs inside the building area create shared space

    6. Possible to construct parking spaces for people with reduced mobility and for multimodal sharing services

    7. The connection to air traffic is a unique benefit at the site for companies and research institutes with international operations

    Future mobility

    8. The opportunity of establishing a mobility hub: making available means of transport for shared use to open up the inner area (e-scooters, light motorcycles, bikes etc.) and opportunities to test hydrogen and electric       mobility as well as self-driving vehicles


    The outstanding regional, national and international connections make the campus attractive for the networked research and development community