Land and Pro‌per‌ty

The Central German airports are the ideal business location for companies operating in all kinds of sectors, as they are international passenger and freight hubs that provide perfect connecting services. We can offer plenty of office, warehouse and commercial space, which can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis at both airports in Dresden and Leipzig/Halle – so that you and your business can really take off. You can find all the information about what is available, the conditions and benefits of the sites on the following pages.

Land and Pro‌per‌ty Business space

We currently have a broad portfolio of business space available for sale, rent or lease at Leipzig/Halle Airport – and it is perfectly suitable for logistics or production operations.


Land and Pro‌per‌ty Office and Wa‌re­hou‌se space

The Central German airports with their two sites at Dresden and Leipzig/Halle are the ideal base for companies operating inside and outside the aviation and logistics sector.


Land and Pro‌per‌ty Par‌king spa‌ces

Companies can find plenty of low-cost space to park cars, transporters and large trucks at the Central German airports.