Energy Ma‌na‌ge‌ment

The airport has very high energy requirements. A large number of systems and equipment need to be available at all times, although the operating company has little influence on the actual use of these systems and equipment and thus on their energy efficiency. With this in mind, Dresden Airport makes every effort to reduce its energy consumption.

In 2016 Dresden Airport introduced an energy management system certified to the international standard ISO 50001.

Under this system, our energy consumption is systematically recorded and analysed so as to enable us to develop and introduce measures to boost our energy efficiency. Our aim is to make constant improvements so that we can use energy in an efficient, economical and climate-friendly manner. Special measures to increase the efficiency of the lighting systems and manage peak loads have been introduced since 2017.

Increasing our energy efficiency has the added benefit of reducing emissions of air pollutants from our airport operations. We are also generating renewable energy from the solar panels on the roof of the car park extension which we installed in 2010.

Dresden Airport is making another contribution to the energy revolution by using its own solar power unit on the roof of the multi-storey car park.