En‌vi‌ron‌ment and Neigh‌bours

Protecting the environment is just as important for Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH as having good relationships with its neighbours. Environmental protection and reducing noise levels are therefore key issues for Leipzig/Halle Airport. As a responsible and important pillar of the regional economy, it is therefore its declared aim to find a consensus between ecological, economic interests and the concerns of neighbours when planning and introducing any extensions and new buildings. You can find all the information on activities, measurements and monitoring operations at Leipzig/Halle Airport here.

En‌vi‌ron‌ment and Neigh‌bours Noise Pro‌tec‌ti‌on

Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH makes every effort to reduce local people’s exposure to aircraft noise to a minimum.


En‌vi‌ron‌ment and Neigh‌bours Pro‌tec‌ting Wa‌ter and Soil

Protecting the groundwater and neighbouring stretches of water above ground is an important issue for Leipzig/Halle Airport.


En‌vi‌ron‌ment and Neigh‌bours Nature Con‌ser‌va‌ti‌on

Leipzig/Halle Airport is actively involved in nature conservation and closely coordinates matters with the responsible authorities.


En‌vi‌ron‌ment and Neigh‌bours Biomoni­toring

Leipzig/Halle Airport is continually checking the air quality in the area around the airport.


En‌vi‌ron‌ment and Neigh‌bours Energy Ma‌na‌ge‌ment

Leipzig/Halle Airport is continually making every possible effort to reduce its energy consumption.


En‌vi‌ron‌ment and Neigh‌bours Neigh‌bours

Leipzig/Halle Airport maintains a good relationship with its neighbours.