Leipzig/Halle Airport maintains a good relationship with its neighbours. Communications with towns, communities, associations and institutions in the vicinity are partner-like and very close. Leipzig/Halle Airport makes an important contribution to cultural and sporting diversity through its commitment to the region and supports many social projects.

Kids & Family Day at Leipzig/Halle Airport

One major focus here is on work with children and young people. The airport supports day-care centres, schools, charitable associations and young people’s clubs within the night protection zone measuring 256 square kilometres. The company particularly focuses on sponsoring sports and cultural events. The airport also offers a stage for numerous associations: school bands, dance groups and sports clubs often appear in the airport terminal to show off their talent to people in their own neighbourhood. Constructive cooperation with towns and local communities, their mayors, local community representatives and local residents forms the most important part of maintaining good neighbourly relations. The airport always has a sympathetic ear to their concerns.

Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG
Head of public relations
Evelyn Schuster
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