The Airport Fire Brigade

The airport fire brigade makes a major contribution to safety at Dresden Airport. Without the work performed by more than 60 full-time fire-fighters, no aircraft could take off from the airport. The airport fire brigade has eleven vehicles in all, including several “Panther” fire-fighting vehicles. The fire-fighters at Dresden Airport are involved in about 5,000 operations every year – most of them, however, involve transporting people with restricted mobility. In addition, the fire brigade coordinates all the fire prevention measures and looks after the maintenance of the safety-related equipment.



According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Dresden Airport is in fire protection category 8. The ICAO therefore imposes the following requirements (Annex 14):

  • Mobile water capacity: 18,200 litres
  • Discharge rate per minute: 7,200 litres, of which 50% from first vehicle
  • Additional extinguishing powder: 450 kg
  • Min. 3 main fire-fighting vehicles
  • Reaction time: max. 3 minutes

  • Check control matrix every four months
  • Fire protection advice for construction measures
  • Compile and update fire safety regulations
  • Monitor adherence to fire safety provisions
  • Check and update routing cards
  • Compile and check clearance regulations

  • Paramedic service, mobility service for the disabled
  • Early defibrillation training and first aid courses
  • Check and replenish first-aid boxes
  • First aid provision at events
  • Rescue from broken down lifts
  • Respond to emergency calls from disabled toilets

  • Remove hazardous materials and fuel spills
  • Assist at road traffic accidents
  • Release people trapped in lifts
  • Assistance for work at heights with a hydraulic rescue device

  • Theoretical and practical training in three-week cycles
  • Two “realistic” exercises (real fire-fighting) and successfully completing the respiratory protection training course every year
  • One major exercise every two years
  • Training the airport’s voluntary fire brigade in line with the fire brigade service regulations

  • Standby duty during passenger aircraft refuelling
  • Repair, maintain and check breathing apparatus
  • Clean turn-out gear and workwear
  • Accompany guided tours of fire station
  • Regular inspections of hydrants
  • Repair and maintain all 1100 fire extinguishers at airport and on customers' premises
  • Fire-fighting training for airport and third-party employees
  • Issue welding permits
  • Fire protection inspections before events
  • Fire safety instruction
  • Assist with airport winter operation