Enquiries Re‌gar‌ding Pho‌tos and Fil‌ming

Would you like to take some photos at the Central German airports, shoot some film material or question passengers and guests? We will be happy to handle your request. Please note the following information.


We would ask you to supply us with the following information so that we can process your request quickly and efficiently:

  • Your contact details
  • The number of people involved in the survey and/or taking photos or filming
  • The location for taking photos or filming or the surveys
  • What would you like to photo or film? Please provide a brief description of your project.
  • When do you plan to take your photos or film? Please specify the date, time and duration. 

Please ensure that your photography or filming work does not disrupt normal operations at the airport. You must also obtain verbal consent from any tenants (check-in desks, ticket counters, firms, eateries) at the airport if they are affected by your planned activities.

Please note that you may not photograph or film the identity check area in Terminal B or staff members.

Dresden and Leipzig/Halle Airports are ideal locations for a large variety of commercial photo and film productions. You must register for this kind of work and obtain written approval for it. We need the following information so that we can process your enquiries quickly and efficiently: 

  • Your contact details
  • The number of people involved in taking photos or filming
  • What, when and where would you like to take photos or film?

We have summarised the most important questions about taking photos and filming for you to make it easier for you to plan your activities. 

Where is it possible to take photos or film?
You may photograph and film activities in the public* and non-public* areas, once you have consulted us and registered your project. Media productions at the Central German airports are subject to certain restrictions because of security regulations and operating procedures and have to fulfil particular conditions.

Backdrop at Leipzig/Halle Airport (German only)

Flyer Special Film Settings

* The public area includes all the terminal and operating areas that are freely accessible before any personal checks and without an airline ticket. 
** The non-public area covers all the areas after any personal checks. You can only access this area after being authorised to do so. Access to the non-public area is only possible if you are accompanied by security personnel. 

When is it possible to take photos or film?
Taking photos and filming are possible round the clock at Dresden and Leipzig/Halle Airports. 

Do I have to pay for taking photos and filming at the Central German airports?
You have to pay to take photos and film for commercial productions. We are very happy to provide you with an individual quotation. There are no charges for taking photos and filming for journalistic reasons. 

Fee Regulations Non-Aviation at Dresden Airport [PDF; 0,9 MB]
Fee Regulations Non-Aviation at Leipzig/Halle Airport [PDF; 0,9 MB]