Leipzig/Halle Airport: volume of air freight already exceeds the 1 million mark in October for the first time

Freight volumes increased by 9.1 percent to approx. 1,012,448 tonnes between January and October at Leipzig/Halle Airport compared to the same period in the previous year. The increase is therefore much higher than the German trend, which registered growth of 2.2 percent* for the first nine months of the year.
The airport handled about 105,697 tonnes of freight in October. That is 6.3 percent more than in the same month in 2017.

The growth engine at the airport is particularly the volumes handled by DHL, which has been operating the largest hub within its global network at Leipzig/Halle since 2008.

The freight charter business of other logistics providers also continued to develop far above the average rate.
The network of routes for freight traffic covers more than 270 airports in all around the world and more than 50 cargo airlines fly to them.

Leipzig/Halle Airport: 24/7 operations for cargo flights, direct links to the trans-European road and railway networks, space and capacity reserves as well as extensive logistics services from one source

With freight volumes totalling more than 1.14 million tonnes in 2017, Leipzig/Halle Airport is the fifth largest air freight hub in Europe. Volumes of freight have increased more than tenfold since 2007 and continue to grow at a rate that is far above average.
DHL has been operating its European hub at the airport since 2008. The company has been maintaining the largest hub within its global network at Leipzig/Halle since 2008 and the company has invested EUR 655 million in its construction.
There are currently plans to expand the infrastructure in the apron area used by DHL too; this offers space for up to 60 aircraft at the moment. The intendeddevelopment plan would enable as many as 36 more parking stands, regardless of the aircraft type.

Leipzig/Halle Airport is also the home base for AeroLogic, a joint venture involving DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo.
Two Antonov 124-100 aircraft have been permanently stationed at Leipzig/Halle as part of the SALIS Project (Strategic Airlift International Solution) since March 2006.
The airport is also the headquarters of a subsidiary of the Volga-Dnepr Group, Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Service GmbH (AMTES GmbH), which operates a maintenance base for Antonov 124 and western aircraft at the site.
Regular freight charter traffic and a scheduled service run by Air Bridge Cargo also operate to Moscow, among other things.

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*Statistics provided by the ADV German Airports Association


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