FAQs – Par‌king at the Air‌port

Do you have one or more questions about parking at Dresden Airport? You will find some helpful answers and much more information below.

The biggest advantage of making an early booking is that you are guaranteed a free parking space. You also benefit from lower prices in some cases. As you have already paid in advance, you can save yourself the walk to the pay station before you drive out.

To reach the parking space that you have booked, simply hold the QR code under the scanner at the entrance barrier. You do not need to print the code for this – displaying it on your mobile phone is perfectly adequate.

Your booking is valid from midnight on the relevant day. As all the tariffs are day prices, you cannot drive in on the day before your booking. 

You can still pass the barrier with your QR code, as a parking space has already been reserved for you. 

Drive out of the car park immediately and use your QR code when you drive in again. 

No, you only need the QR code that you were sent when your booking was confirmed. 

If you have booked a parking space in the multi-storey car park, you can drive in at any time during the period that you have booked. There is a similar rule for the P4A outside car park. 

There is a help button at all the entry and exit barriers and it connects you to our service personnel at any time of the day or night. 

Simply use the exit ticket that you received when driving in with your QR code. 

No, that is not necessary. You can go directly to your vehicle and head for the exit. 

No. If you have paid in advance with an online booking, we will charge you for the additional parking time according to the current price list. 

You have an extra 30 minutes anyway. After this, we will charge you for the additional parking time according to the current price list. 

No, you are only entitled to enter and leave the car park once. 

You can cancel your car park booking, but not rebook it. Depending on when you cancel it, you may have to pay a fee (cf. General Terms and Conditions of Business).

Yes. You can book a parking space online up to eight hours before the start of the period that you need. 

No. You simply book a parking space in the multi-storey car park or at the car park that you have selected. We guarantee then that the multi-storey car park or car park will have a space available for you. 

Yes, you receive an invoice covering your booking fee in the form of a PDF file when your booking is confirmed. You need the Acrobat Reader, which is available on the Internet free of charge, to read the invoice. 

The account helps you check your booking again and print it. It also gives you the opportunity to cancel it. 

If this is the case, you can have your password sent to the e-mail address that you have stored in the system via the “Forgotten your password?” function. We recommend that you then change your password.