Parking Fees and Parking Op‌por‌tu‌ni‌ties

Dresden Airport has short distances between the parking spaces and the terminal. If you book your parking space in the multi-storey car park or at the P4A low-cost car park online in good time, you can save time and money.


The multi-storey car park at Dresden Airport is directly opposite the terminal. Both buildings are connected with each other by a covered glass bridge. Passengers and visitors can make their way from the multi-storey car park to the departures level in the terminal in a very short time. Please note that the maximum vertical clearance for entering the multi-storey car park is 2 metres.

Parking Time

Parking Fee Classic**

Up to 15 minutes EUR 5
Up to 2 hoursEUR 5
Each additional hour+ EUR 2,50
1 day (more than 8 hours)EUR 20
2 daysEUR  30
3 daysEUR 39
4 daysEUR 47
5 daysEUR 54
6 days EUR 60
7 daysEUR 66
8 daysEUR 72
9 daysEUR 78
10 daysEUR 84
11 daysEUR 90
12 daysEUR 96
13 daysEUR 102
14 daysEUR 108
15 – 21 daysEUR 114
Each additional week+ EUR 15
Parking Time

Parking Fee Special*

3 daysEUR 28
4 daysEUR 35,50
5 daysEUR 43
6 days EUR 50,50
7 daysEUR 58
8 daysEUR 65,50
9 daysEUR 73
10 daysEUR 80,50
11 daysEUR 88
12 daysEUR 93
13 daysEUR 98
14 – 21 daysEUR 103
Each additional week+ EUR 12,50
Parking TimeParking Fee Lowcost *
7 daysfrom EUR 25
10 daysfrom EUR 49
17 – 21 daysfrom EUR 53
Each additional weekCannot be booked

* Booking only on the Internet
** Booking on the Internet (+ EUR 5 reservation fee) or take a ticket at the barrier

Minimum Parking Time
Parking Fee Special: min. 3 days
Parking Fee Lowcost: min. 7 days

  • The cheapest tariff in the multi-storey car park
  • Park for one week starting at EUR 25
  • Minimum parking time: 7 days
  • Only available if you book online in advance
  • Entry with QR code 
  • Parking spaces are on level 4 (marked blue)

Book online

  • Flexible parking at a fixed price
  • Free selection of parking spaces on all levels
  • No minimum parking time
  • Entry with QR code if you make your booking online
  • Entry by taking a ticket (payment at a pay station on levels 0 - 3) 
  • Online booking in advance guarantees a free parking space

Book online

  • Park for 3 days for just EUR 28
  • Only available if you book in advance online
  • Free selection of parking spaces on all levels
  • Minimum parking time: 3 days
  • Restricted number of parking spaces
  • Entry with QR code 

Book online

  • Rent using first-class parking space (with parking season ticket)
  • If the multi-storey car park is full, you can still enter it
  • Request using the contact form


If you want to park your vehicle very close to the terminal, you can make use of the PK1 and PK2 short-term car parks (see plan of the site). 

Parking Time

Parking Fee PK1*

Up to 15 minutesEUR 2,00
Up to 30 minutesEUR 2,00
1 hourEUR 4,00
90 minutesEUR 6,00
2 hoursEUR 8,00 
Maximum parking time 2 hours – may not be exceeded
Parking Time

Parking Fee PK2*

Up to 15 minutesfree
Up to 30 minutesEUR 1,50 
1 hourEUR 3,50
90 minutesEUR 5,50
2 hoursEUR 6,50
3 hoursEUR 10,00
Day fee (more than 3 hours) EUR 25.00

* No online booking possible


We recommend the P3 outside car park for passengers who wish to park their car at Dresden Airport during their holiday. The car park is located very close to the terminal and it only takes a few minutes to walk to the building (see plan of the site).

Parking TimeParking Fee Basic (P3)*
Up to 15 MinutesEUR 2,50
2 hoursEUR 2,50 
3 hoursEUR 5 
Each additional hour up to 8 hours+ EUR 2,50 
1 day (more than 8 hours)EUR 17,50 
2 daysEUR 25 
3 - 14 days (each additional day)+ EUR 6 
15 - 21 daysEUR 97 
Each additional week+ EUR 15 

* No online booking possible


There is a particularly cheap outside car park at Dresden Airport, P4A. Those leaving their car at the airport for a long time can park there very cheaply. The P4A low-cost car park is located in the western part of the airport site and it only takes a few minutes to walk to the check-in area from there (see plan of the site). Please note that the number of parking spaces is restricted and it is not always possible to take a ticket at the barrier.

Entry/booking only possible from 7 days upwards.

Parking TimeParking Fee Super Low Cost (P4A)**
7 – 9 daysfrom EUR 15
10 – 16 daysfrom EUR 25
17 – 21 daysfrom EUR 35
Each additional weekCannot be booked

** Booking on the Internet (plus EUR 5 reservation fee) or take a ticket at the barrier


Book online

Our pay stations accept coins as well as banknotes between EUR 5 and EUR 50 and cards. You can also pay by EC bank or credit cards. There is a change machine on the ground floor of the terminal. There are pay stations at all the car parks and in the multi-storey car park on levels 0 – 3. If you have any problems, please contact our Parking Service Center offices. They are located on level 0 in the multi-storey car park – directly in front of the exit – or in the Flughafen Dresden GmbH administration building on the ground floor.