Parking at Leip‌zig‌/‌Hal‌le Air‌port

Leipzig/Halle Airport has more than 5,000 low-cost parking spaces. The parking spaces are divided into five large car parks outside and a multi-storey car park; the latter is directly connected to the terminal building. There is a short-term car park right in front of the check-in area and a pick-up/drop-off lane at Terminal B for those bringing people to the airport or picking them up. If you are a passenger or are visiting the airport, you can conveniently book your parking space on our website.

Parking Parking Fees/​Par‌king Fa‌ci‌li‌ties

Whether you want to park very close to the terminal or particularly cheaply: there is a large selection of parking facilities with low-cost tariffs at Leipzig/Halle Airport.


Parking Picking up/​Drop‌ping off Peo‌ple

Anybody who is taking people to the airport or picking them up can use the P11 short-term car park in front of the check-in area or the pick-up/drop-off lane in front of the departures/arrivals terminal.


Parking FAQs

You will find frequent questions and helpful answers about parking at Leipzig/Halle Airport here.


Parking GTC

You can download the General Terms and Conditions of Business for parking at Leipzig/Halle Airport as a PDF file here.