Services involving just about everything: you can obtain some important information about your stay at Leipzig/Halle Airport here – and about the services available to passengers and visitors. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If any luggage items are missing or you find that they are damaged, please contact the baggage tracing department at FSG Flughafenservice Gesellschaft mbH immediately in the arrivals hall or Airport Services Leipzig (ASL) in the mall.

    ASL Airport Services Leipzig GmbH

    Abfertigungsagent für:
    Air Cairo, Air Malta, AlMasria Universal Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Atlas Global, Bulgarian Air Charter, BH Air, Corendon Dutch, Eurowings, Fly Egypt, Free Bird Airlines, Lufthansa, Montenegro Airlines, Nesma Airlines, Nouvel Air, Pegasus, SunExpress, SunExpress Germany, Swiss, Tailwind Airlines, TUIfly, Tunisair
    Phone: +49 (0) 341 224-1631
    Mail: service(dot)leipzig(at)dlh(dot)de

    You will find the cash machines from the Leipzig Sparkasse bank in the check-in area and in the departures/arrivals terminal at Leipzig/Halle Airport. There is also a cash machine issuing dollars or British pounds near the arrivals area.


    Make use of the convenient opportunity to check in online, provided that your airline offers this service. Please note the entry and customs regulations for your destination – the Foreign Ministry provides information about them for German citizens.

    Before you fly, please also find out about any possible surcharge that your airline may demand if you wish to take more than the baggage allowance or have any bulky luggage with you. 

    After checking in, you should make your way to the security check area. Checks take place here to ensure that you are not carrying any dangerous items. An x-ray machine screens your hand luggage. This does not have any negative effect on the way that mobile phones, laptops, camera or films work.

      To ensure that your journey is absolutely smooth, we would ask you to take note of the current rules related to transporting luggage, health recommendations and the relevant customs and entry regulations. Please remember to bring all the necessary documents with you.

      Each passenger has to check in before departure. Please follow the “Check-in” signs at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

      Please arrive at the check-in desk in good time. You can discover your precise check-in time from your travel agent or your airline. 

      Checking in takes place at the airline desk or through the handling companies – FSG Flughafenservice Gesellschaft mbH or Airport Services Leipzig GmbH (ASL). There is a separate check-in desk for each flight. The monitor above each check-in desk shows the appropriate airline, the flight number, the flight destination and the planned take-off time.

      Please find out from your tour operator or your airline whether this service is available and whether any fees are charged and how much they are.

      ⇒ Currently no pre-evening check-in is offered by the airlines until further notice.

      Contact details:
      FSG Flughafenservice GmbH
      Evening-before check-in:
      Daily 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
      Phone: +49 (0) 341 224-3041

      Park your car in the multi-storey car park (entry E or F level) and go directly to the check-in desk.

      Lufthansa, SWISS und Austrian Airlines also operate some quick check-in machines in the central check-in area for passengers in a hurry and who only have hand luggage.

      You can select your seat online for many flights and print your boarding card yourself. Please note that the airlines provide this service and Leipzig/Halle Airport has no influence on it.

      You can then hand in your luggage at your airline’s “drop-off” desk.  

      You can receive information about what you need to consider when leaving Germany and when returning to Germany on the website of the German customs service.

      • What limits are there on values and quantities?
      • Which goods may only be imported in restricted amounts or not at all?
      • How much are the possible dues if the import limit is exceeded?

      New DB vending machine at Leipzig/Halle Airport

      The new DB vending machine enables you to buy a ticket for all DB’s local and long-distance services as well as the relevant transport authority simply and quickly at any time. The machine is located in the arrivals area (Terminal B) not far from the airport information desk. You can pay using cash (banknotes and coins), your EC card and all common credit cards. It is also possible to operate the machine in all the common European languages.

      The most important documents for you

      We make available the most important documents as PDF files in our download centre so that you can download them.

      Simply click on the document that you require. You can then either view it on your screen or save it.

      If you are flying abroad, please take note of the regulations in the countries that you are planning to visit. Your travel agent will provide information about this.

      Alternatively, you can obtain information about the entry and exit regulations in Germany and the European Union from the passport control offices at Leipzig/Halle Airport at the airport site. Please contact the relevant embassy or consulate for information about destinations outside the EU.

      There are flight bag machines on the ground floor in Terminal B and before the security checks so that you can purchase plastic bags to take liquids in your hand luggage.




      Our airport information department offers numerous services to make your stay at Leipzig/Halle Airport as pleasant as possible:

      • A lost & found office
      • Selling souvenirs
      • A cloakroom service: from EUR 0.50 per item and day
      • Storing security-related items (knives etc.): EUR 0.50 per item and day
      • Storing bulky luggage: EUR 3 per item and day
      • Storing keys: EUR 3 per item and day
      • Cloakroom service: from EUR 0.50 per item and day

      All the prices match the latest Fee Structure

      Storage fees (including value-added tax in each case)

      You will find the lost & found office at Leipzig/Halle Airport in the public arrivals area. It is only responsible for items that have been found in the terminal and at the car parks. If you lose your luggage or items in planes, please contact the relevant airline.


      Please find out about the baggage allowance before you start your journey with your airline, how much is charged for excess baggage and the maximum dimensions for any hand luggage. You can use the luggage frame to check whether your hand luggage has the right dimensions at the check-in area in the terminal at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

      Security regulations for hand luggage and hold baggage 

      You can obtain detailed information about prohibited items on board flights and instructions about taking liquids in your hand luggage from your travel agent, your airline or from the following websites:

      Summary of prohibited items in luggage and hand luggage [PDF; 0,04 MB] (German only)
      Security regulations for hand luggage [PDF; 0,4 MB] 
      Travel information from the German border police
      Website of the German Interior Ministry

      Leipzig/Halle Airport is designed so that disabled people can move around without any difficulty. Toilets, lifts, phones, shops and eateries all have easy access.

      Passengers with restricted mobility or a disability can obtain support from the PRM service provided by the airport fire brigade. The support service, which provides assistance for affected people on behalf of the airlines, helps them on the way to and from the aircraft, when checking in their luggage or during passport and customs checks. 

      Please inform your airline or your travel agent when you make your booking that you would like to use the support service at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

        By train:
        You can reach the check-in area directly from the station platform by using the lift (to the 2nd floor).

        By car:
        Use motorway exit no. 21 on the A14 (Schkeuditz/Flughafen). The address for your navigation system is: Terminalring 11, 04435 Schkeuditz or 04435 Kursdorf

        Pick-up/drop-off level/Terminal B:
        You can stop briefly at the pick-up/drop-off level under the check-in area or directly in front of Terminal B (arrivals) so that people can get into or out of a vehicle or load and unload items.

        P1 and P2 car parks:
        There are specially designated parking spaces for you in the front parking rows.

        Multi-storey car park:
        There are 60 designated parking spaces near the lifts on six floors. You have the shortest route to the check-in area if you park your car on level/section E. You can then conveniently reach the check-in area on the 2nd floor by lift.

        The following services are free of charge if you:

        • permanently depend on a wheelchair
        • cannot climb any stairs
        • need a wheelchair for longer distances
        • are visually impaired, hard of hearing or mentally impaired

        Leipzig/Halle Airport grants people with a disability a 100% discount on the parking fees when they use the car parks and the multi-storey car park. The discount is given if you show your European parking permit for disabled people (“blue parking badge”).

        Please take a parking ticket when you drive into the parking area or enter the multi-storey car park. After your return flight, your parking ticket will be activated by the employees on the airport information desk/the Parking Service Center if you show your European parking badge for disabled people.


        • when handing in your luggage and checking in;
        • during security and passport checks;
        • when making your way to the gate and preferential boarding on the plane.

        If you would like to take your electric wheelchair with you, it must be stored in the hold as bulky luggage. It is therefore necessary for you to change into a folding wheelchair for the journey to the gate. You will then board the plane in a special wheelchair.
        If you arrive in a manual wheelchair, change into the special wheelchair just before you board the plane. Your wheelchair will then be stowed in the cargo hold.


        • Met in or at the plane
        • Support with entry formalities
        • Accepting your luggage
        • Accompanying you to your relatives or your means of transport
        • Discounted parking rates

        The ecumenical chapel is located on the upper floor of Terminal B. It is open round the clock.


        Prayer room for muslims
        In the mall between sections C and D.

        Please obtain information from the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Office of Civil Aviation).

        Please remember when planning your time for arriving at the airport that waiting times may occur during check-in, at the boarding card and security checks or during passport control. In the interests of your safety, the checks must be thorough and careful. We would therefore ask you to arrive at the airport in good time before your departure.


        Here are a few tips designed to make your journey and stay with us more pleasant in order to keep your journey with children and babies as stress-free and smooth as possible.

        Most airlines normally allow pregnant women to fly up to the 36th week of pregnancy. As there are different ways of handling this situation, we would ask you to contact the airline on which you have booked your flight.

        If you have a foldable pram (buggy), you can take it with you as far as the gate after having checked in. It will be taken over by personnel there and loaded on board the plane. If you have a traditional pram, you must check it in and hand it over at the bulky luggage desk.

        There are normally no child seats on planes. Please ask your airline whether you can use your own child seat or booster seat.

        Feeding bottles and baby food can be taken on board.

        Please note the security regulations about taking liquids in your hand luggage too.

        You will find rooms for changing nappies here:

        • Terminal B, ground floor (public and non-public area);
        • Terminal B, upper floor (waiting areas – Non Schengen and Schengen);
        • Mall

        Airline employees are responsible for providing special care for children travelling alone. Use the opportunities of asking about all the arrangements and costs for supporting unaccompanied minors when you book your flight.

        Your child must be at least five years old to be allowed to fly alone (you can obtain precise information from your travel agent or your airline). The child’s age must be noted on the booking. Parents hand over their child to the airline staff after the check-in process and the latter look after the child during the waiting period before departure, in the plane and after arrival at the destination airport.

        Relatives or friends must meet your child at the destination airport after the baggage reclaim area. The persons picking up the child must be able to identify themselves with their address and personal details. Then your child can continue the journey alone.

        There is a children’s play area in the waiting area in Terminal B.

        You will find the Global Blue Refund desk at the Airport Services Leipzig GmbH desk.

        Opening hours: in line with the Lufthansa timetable

        The North Saxon District Administration Office makes available important information on travelling with pets from other countries and importing products of animal origin.

        Our passengers and visitors can use the Wi-Fi service at the airport free of charge for two hours a day. No registration is needed for this.