Shopping and En‌joy‌ment

Leipzig/Halle Airport is much more than just a gateway to the world. You can experience a great deal at the airport as a traveller and visitor, go shopping and choose from a wide selection of eateries.

Shopping and En‌joy‌ment Eateries

Ranging from a small snack to a large evening meal – everybody can find what they are looking for to suit their taste at Leipzig/Halle Airport.


Shopping and En‌joy‌ment Shopping

Do you want to purchase something quickly before your trip? Leipzig/Halle Airport offers you a selection of shops and stores where you will not only find souvenirs and gifts, but travel accessories too.


Shopping and En‌joy‌ment Event Ca‌len‌dar

Leipzig/Halle Airport frequently organises exciting events. They include seminars in the terminal and events in the open air.


Shopping and En‌joy‌ment Guided Tours

The visitor service at Leipzig/Halle Airport provides various guided tours for interested persons and those keen to learn more.


Shopping and En‌joy‌ment Programmes for Chil‌dren

Whether it is a birthday party, a school or young people’s trip: Leipzig/Halle Airport is an exciting destination for children and their parents.


Shopping and En‌joy‌ment Leisure Ac‌ti‌vi‌ties

Experience the fascinating world of aviation on the viewing platform or visit an exhibition in the terminal.