Guided tours for groups

Would you like to make enquiries about an airport tour for a group of up to 49 people? No problem. If you travel to the airport in your own coach, we will be happy to make available one of our experienced tour guides to accompany you across the airport site on your company outing, your coach trip or your private celebration and give you exciting insights into what goes on behind the scenes at the airport.

You can naturally enquire about a group tour in an airport bus too.

Protecting people's health is our top priority

Extensive hygiene precautions ensure a safe tour. We would ask for your cooperation and support.

  • The number of people on each tour is limited so that we can maintain the general social distancing rules.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are available on site.
  • The handles and seats in the airport's own bus are disinfected before each tour
  • All those taking part aged 6 and over must wear a medical face mask.
  • We retain the right to exclude any guests from the tour who have symptoms of a SARS-CoV2 infection (a cough, a temperature or a cold).

Hygiene concept for conducting airport tours at Leipzig/Halle Airport (only in German)

Booking information

* Changes to the tour programme are possible at any time

Note: There is currently no tour of the fire station.

Tours for large groups

Airport tour for groups

2 - 2.5 hours

In an airport bus (8 - 45 people)
Adults: EUR 14 | Children (aged up to 14): EUR 10
Minimum price: EUR 165

In your own bus (9 - 49 people)
Per person: EUR 10
Minimum price: EUR 135

Airport tour for groups

The airport tour enables you to gain some idea of what goes on behind the scenes at Leipzig/Halle Airport. 

The tour starts at the "airport tours" desk in the central check-in area.  Guests can first have a look at the historic Ilyushin IL-18 plane on the way through the mall and the arrivals/departures terminal and gain an initial impression of the route taken by departing passengers. A security check then takes place in the General Aviation Terminal (GAT). The tour of the apron area starts from there. We show people the wide variety of procedures used to prepare passenger aircraft for take-off. 

There is then a short stopover at the airport fire brigade. Passing the fuel depot and the noise protection hangar for testing jet engines, the tour continues to the southern part of the airport. During the trip around the DHL site, guests are informed about handling cargo aircraft as well as the different facilities and infrastructure equipment. 

General information

  • Those aged 16 and over require a valid ID card or passport for the airport tour. 
  • Meeting point: the central check-in area

Night tour for groups

3 Hours 30 Min

In an airport bus (9 - 30 people)
Per person: EUR 33 including snacks
Minimum price: EUR 330

In your own bus (9 - 49 people)
Per person: EUR 25 plus snacks
Minimum price: EUR 250

Night tour for groups

The night tour starts in the central terminal. You obtain an overview of the airport site at the airport model. You see the restored IL-18 aircraft from the mall and discover interesting facts about the history of this four-engine passenger plane, which is more than 50 years old. You then make your way to a personal security check.

Once you arrive airside, the grand tour of the apron area starts. Depending on the traffic situation, you may be able to see aircraft being prepared for take-off at close quarters, ranging from loading the luggage on board to starting the engines. 

The tour continues to the western fire station. Visitors discover many interesting facts about the airport fire brigade here, their working day and the technical equipment. AN-124 aircraft can be seen during the ensuing trip to the maintenance hangar in the northern section of the airport. 
The next stage takes visitors to the Cargo Area South and we pass the fuel depot and engine testing stand. The information about the winter services equipment and aircraft de-icing provide some idea of how air traffic operations are guaranteed, even during the cold time of the year. You obtain information about handling cargo aircraft at the imposing DHL site. 

The evening finishes over selected snacks and drinks with an impressive view of the runway. 


General information

  • Those aged 16 and over require a valid ID card or passport for the airport tour. 
  • Meeting point: the central check-in area

Tours for small groups