Booking enquiry for group tours

You can make firm enquiries and bookings for your tour group or your group of schoolchildren or young people in your own bus or in an airport bus using the following form.

The procedure for your booking enquiry for group tours

  • Your booking enquiry is received
  • Checks are made to see whether your requested date is still available
  • If the date is available: your requested date is reserved and you receive the invoice
  • If the date is not available: we contact you personally to find an alternative date
  • Your reservation becomes a firm booking once you have paid the invoice
Select a tour

Please select the tour that you wish to enquire about.

Preferred date

Select your preferred date. We will check whether it is available and will get in touch with you.

Contact partner
Invoice address

If the invoice recipient is different from the contact partner, please enter the details of the invoice recipient below. Otherwise, you can leave these boxes empty.

Number of participants

Please indicate the number of people taking part in the enquiry that you are making.


Booking information

* Changes to the tour programme are possible at any time