What is available for children

Book an exciting tour geared towards nursery school groups or school classes at Leipzig/Halle Airport. We also offer a children's birthday tour with a pilot's licence and a visit to the airport fire brigade for birthday children who love airports.
You can either book this tour in your own bus or in an airport bus. 

Protecting people's health is our top priority

Extensive hygiene precautions ensure a safe tour. We would ask for your cooperation and support.

  • The number of people on each tour is limited so that we can maintain the general social distancing rules.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are available on site.
  • The handles and seats in the airport's own bus are disinfected before each tour
  • All those taking part aged 6 and over must wear a medical face mask.
  • We retain the right to exclude any guests from the tour who have symptoms of a SARS-CoV2 infection (a cough, a temperature or a cold).

Hygiene concept for conducting airport tours at Leipzig/Halle Airport (only in German)

Booking information

* Changes to the tour programme are possible at any time

Note: There is currently no tour of the fire station.

Guided tours for groups of children

Children's tour for groups

90 minutes

In an airport bus (9 - 45 people):
Per person: EUR 6

In your own bus (9 - 49 people):
Per person: EUR 5


The children's tour is geared towards nursery school groups and primary school classes and explains the procedures at the airport in a way that they can understand. The tour starts in the central check-in area with a short introduction. The young guests then make they way to the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) for a personal security check; this is followed by a trip around the apron area, where they can observe what happens to prepare aircraft for take-off at close quarters. We then make a stopover at the western fire station, where we show you and the pupils the vehicle building and the modern fire-fighting equipment. The last stop on the tour is the arrivals and departures terminal. 

General information

  • Meeting point: the central check-in area

Young people's tour for groups

2 - 2.5 hours

In an airport bus (9 - 45 people):
Per person: EUR 10
Minimum price: EUR 135

In your own bus (9 - 49 people):
Per person: EUR 9
Minimum price: EUR 115

Young people

The young people's tour provides an exciting glimpse behind the scenes at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

The tour starts with a walk round the central check-in area at the airport. The first stop is at the Ilyushin IL-18 aircraft near the mall, where the history of aviation in the region is explained. 

A personal security check then takes place in the General Aviation Terminal. The trip round the apron area starts from there, where it is possible to observe the many tasks required to prepare aircraft for take-off; they are explained.

The tour continues to the western fire station. The young guests learn interesting information there about the tasks performed by the airport fire brigade. Continuing past the fuel depot and the engine testing stand, the tour takes the visitors to the southern area with an explanation of handling freight.

General information

  • Meeting point: the central check-in area